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My name is turgi, that means endless.

During the whole year me and my family live in a yurt, this is a tent, which is made out of wooden walls called ´khanas´and a huge canvas roof.

Our yurt has a window in the roof and you can see the stars.

You will find it easily as my yurt has a symbol at the door which looks like a knot without ends ;)

In the morning when you wake up you smell the grass, the air and our sheeps which are like members of the family.  I like this smell and could never live without it.

I never go anywhere without my horse Ganzorig, which means steel courage.
Everybody of my family has a horse. I started to ride on a horse when I was three years old.
We have also a camel, his name is buddy ;)

When you come to visit mongolia in mid summer, I will take you to the `naadam festival´ to a wrestling match, this is always so fun!  When I grow up, I would like to be a Wrestler. They seem so strong and tough.

If you are lucky my mother will prepare the traditional ´khuushuur´, which are like dumplings and just delicious:)

Wanna come?