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O’zapft is!

I ́m Resi.
I live in Pichl next to Munich in the very beautiful Bavaria in Germany! The life in my region is a lot of fun because we have both: several lakes where my family and
I go swimming in summer and the Alps, where we go skiing in winter and make
picnic and pic owers in summer :)
It is so beautiful, everything is just green and in summer you can see many
little lady beetles, which are so perfect with their black dots, that they seem unreal. My dad explained me, that it is not true, that the number of dots determinates the age of the lady beetle, this is a myth :) But if you see one it is sure to bring you luck.

Each year we have a special festival here in Munich, which is called the Oktoberfest. My family and I used to go there every year.
We dress with the traditional clothes of our region: Dirndl for the girls- my mother and I - and Lederhosen for the boys - my dad and my little brother Schorschi.
During the Oktoberfest there are two di erent spaces:

One area is a Fairground and the other is the Bierzelt, which are huge tents full with people eating and drinking.
I prefer the fairground, where my little brother and I won ́t stop driving the colorful fun bumper cars. Our uncle Ferdl is the owner and we can ride for free for the

whole day!
When we need to take a break we buy some sweets like pink sticky cotton candy and fried almonds and hop onto the huge ferris wheel. From the top we can see the whole Oktoberfest and all seems so tiny from up there, also our parents, who are waiting downstairs.
I love this feeling of freedom up above :)

When it is lunchtime we go to the Bierzelt! My dad has a friend who organizes the festival, so we have easy access, while all the other visitors have to wait in very long cues. I would never wait so long to get in this crowded tent, I prefer to get my Currywurst or Obazta with a Brezn at the fairground and continue playing.

All adults are drinking beer in huge glasses. For my little brother and I they have sparkling yellow lemonade, which we drink with a straw directly from the bottle. This is so refreshing....

Ah, I even forgot the music ! In a good Bierzelt there is always an Akkordion player. This is a very fun instrument and when I grow up I will play it during the festival
in my village.