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boubou from senegal

My name is Boubou, I’m from Senegal.

Boubou is also the name of the famous senegalese kaftan, which all women and men wear in Senegal :)
My parents called me Boubou because I was born by accident in the factory where my mother works as a taylor, cutting and sewing Boubous every day.

Even all the members of my family are artisans! One day I will be one of them. My father has a huge stand at HLM market, where he sells the most beautiful african wax print fabrics. People from all over the world come to his stand to buy a fabric to sew a dress or a pant with it.  My aunt Didi makes these fun and big baskets called WOLOF Baskets. I’m sure you have one at home;)  My sister wears her own earrings and bracelets and when I want to borrow one from her she never allows it..

The capital of Senegal is DAKAR.
Have you ever been there? It is huge ...and loud!
But you can travel through the whole city with this fun and colorful bus called TOUBA bus. It is allover painted with bright colors and fun drawings!

I love to take this bus with my father when we go to see my favourite football team ASFA DAKAR.
I always take my umbrella with me.  In sunny seasons it protects me from the sun and in rainy seasons I don’t get wet.

When you are tired of the loud city you can go and visit Fathala, it is the wild- life reserve from Senegal.
I have seen real crocodiles, lions and elephants!!
My absolutely favourite is the Zebra. Do you know why the zebras have stripes???

I didn’t know, but my grandpa told me there are many reasons.
I tell you one:
The special striped pattern helps the zebra families to recognize each others also from the distance!
Did you know that?