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Abuelo Gazpacho historia coleccion


The best time during the year is when my little brother and I make holidays in the house of my grandparents.
It is a big house with a garden & a huge orchard!
The most important room of the house is the kitchen, my grandmother has so many cooking pots in different sizes, plates & coffee cups in different prints and patterns!

And it always smells delicious as my grandma is the best cooker in the world:) My favourite dish is the Lentil soup with a big sausage inside.
In the morning my brother and I go with my grandpa to the orchard to get the vegetables for lunch.

We bring them to my grandma, so she can cook them for us.
There are huge pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots & potatoes in grandpas orchard. Grandpa says always, that the orchard is too much work for him, but he would never sell it;)
When we try to get the carrots of the ground sometimes we find worms! They are really fun- We put them in a glass and give them grass to eat.

The best room of the house is the living room!
There is a big old sofa where we all sit together in the evening watching TV. And when my grandma invites her friends, they sit all on this sofa, eating the different cakes my grandma prepared the whole morning.
My brother and I are sitting on the floor, playing cards and listening to the fun sounds they make: Mmmmh, ahhh, delicious! You are the best Candela!... They never stop :)

The sleeping room of my grandparents is where I go when I need a break from playing and when I don’t want to be disturbed by my little brother.
I lay down on their bed and start dreaming watching the colorful dresses, different nailpolish bottles and hairpins.