The firmament in your room. The night sky

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This is a kit with adhesive phosphorescent stars and a hand made template with which you can create a night sky of 250 stars with their position and brightness in the sky.  It is amazing!

You will find Arcturus, Vega, Sirius ... the Milky Way...  250 stars that your children will learn to identify, as weell as their constellations.

The stars are phosphorescent all night long. They are adhesive. They leave no stain when you decide to remove.

The template is made by hand, is fragile and can have a tear that does not affect its operation. Handle with care.   You have to place it initially  with double-sided tape in the  choosen place and  then proceed to place the stars in the holes that provides the template.  Choose the orientation that you desire to have the sky to place the template accordingly.

The stars are in four different sizes to be placed in the respective holes in the template.

The placement of all the stars is a work about 2 hours. You will need a ladder. Be careful.

Constellations Big Dipper and Cassiopeia are clearly seen in the sky and are highlighted in the installation.

This kit is not a toy and it must be manipuled by adults.



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