We are certified by Trusted Shops and Confianza Online

What is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is a certification mark that protects online purchases in stores with the Trusted Shops certificate. The certified stores have passed a wide range of requirements and have been verified.  Besides this, your purchase is protected up to 250€.  See more in:


What is Confianza Online?

Confianza Online is a non-profit association whose founders and promoters are the Association for the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication (AUTOCONTROL), the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital) and Red.es, the public organization of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR), responsible for strengthening the development of the information society in Spain.

What is the Confianza Online Trust Mark?  How can it help me?

The Trust Mark is a seal that allows users to identify those businesses that have willingly made a serious commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility, showing transparency to the user and making the difference towards the company’s main competitors.

By clicking on the Confianza Online Trust Mark, users will gain access to a specific datasheet on Confianza Online’s website (www.confianzaonline.es), located on an SSL secured server page, with information about the business displaying the Trust Mark.  Here they will find all of the legal and contact information of the business.  It is also possible to submit an online complaint about the specific business directly from this sheet.  All of the information about Confianza Online, especially that which concerns the ethical norms stated in the Code, the functioning and enforcement of the extrajudicial dispute resolution system, and the list of businesses and entities that have joined may be found on the association’s website.

Adhered entities may include Confianza Online’s Trust Mark on other elements of communication like signs, paper, etc., as well as on the websites with which they applied for the seal.

The Trust Mark when granted is available in various formats:

Entidad adherida a Confianza Online Entidad adherida a Confianza Online Entidad adherida a Confianza Online


Find more info here:  WWW.CONFIANZAONLINE.ES