We believe that the reality of our children is "their reality" and not ours. They live in a world of new emotions, joy and smiles, tantrums and childishness, snouts and anger. A whole new world of feelings and perceptions. We are aware that it is the happiest time in a person's life and the one that leaves its mark on what we will be when we grow up. 
Let them kids get dirty trample puddles; let them splash and investigate; and ultimately, make them know that they are unique and free and that they are also free in their imagination and fantasies.
Each collection tells a story expressed by a child character and inspired by diverse geographical locations, thus strengthening ties with other cultures.
We stimulate the imagination of the little ones with designs that arouse their interest. Surprise is our method of creating meaningful learning.
Each garment is a small work of art! Our stamp is the hand-designed artistic prints, cheerful colors and fun motives. This creates a very personal and distinctive style connected to our children’s world of fantasy and adventure.
nadadelazos was born committed to take care of the planet we adults borrow from our children. Want to learn more? CLICK HERE